Naturopathic Medicine is a holistic system of healing that addresses the underlying causes, as well as treating the symptoms of ill health or disease. By increasing a person’s vital force or vitality, this helps stimulate the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

At a consultation, the naturopath recognises and uncovers what it is that may be blocking the body’s self healing process, thereby causing the manifested symptoms of ill health. It is then possible to tailor specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations in conjunction with various natural remedies to help bring the patient into healthy balance.

Naturopathy does not suppress symptoms but rather uncovers them. Being a holistic form of medicine, naturopaths take into account the interrelatedness of all the body systems as well as mind and soul.

It is the role of the naturopath to educate and empower the client to take charge of their health and implement the changes so they can truly experience what it is like to be full of energy and fantastic health.

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